In authors’ space of no physical actions (excerpt), 2018. Video.

In authors’ space of no physical actions
Single Channel Video Projection
Duration 00:08:19   
70” 4K Monitor 
Ratio: 16:9 (4K)
Sound:  Stereo

Author attempted to replicate his thinking space in other spaces of production. Here, the artist invited athletes to temporarily inhabit his studio space where no physical action had taken place otherwise. Therefore, the space that had produced no creation visible to others, and had remained stilled and inactive, became a site of production with introduction of outsiders.

The group's initial movements are abrupt but calculated as in the author's intended narrative. As this narrative is told, the author observes it play out through a camera he holds next to him. The athletes stand and work; sweat and breathe; eat and swallow; and they repeat.

In authors’ space of no physical actions (Installation View Gert Jan van Rooij), 2018. Video.

Basir Mahmood