Observing translators work (still), 2018. Video.

Observing translators work   
Single Channel Video
Duration 00:08:07
70” 4K Monitor
Ratio: 16:9 (4K)
Sound:  Stereo

A group of professional translators and interpreters of various languages enter into the author’s settings, which he generated for them to convey what was written here a while ago. An email invite was sent a week earlier, the few that replied came. They partook in the process of mediation between the artist’s intention and the meaning of the work, between form and context and, language and image.

The procedure begins: the observing author is present with his camera as they enter one after the other. They breathe and stare away; hold the papers that are distributed to them; blink as they read what must be read; eat the sandwiches that are served; drink the water that is poured in cups for everyone; wait remaining unmoving; and, exit as they came.

In the afternoon, participants leave the told narrative.

The author however continues to practice his observation in a conceived space of no doors or windows.

Observing translators work (Installation View), 2018. Video.

Basir Mahmood