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Holy water from Mecca, 2015. Acrylic Face Mounted Photo Rag.


One For Each, Two For All, 2013. Acrylic Face Mounted Photo Rag.

“One for Each, Two for All” is a triptych which deals with human interaction which forms the framework for any social structure. When individuals gather together, they form groups. The little gestures, which they may enact in the context of a social gathering, work as joints, assembling a structure of a group, and holding it together. This structure, as human gestures have constructed, is an organic structure, which is based on basic human understanding.


One who gardens in the garden (Diptych) 2013 Inkjet print on Photo Rag 120 cm x 80 cm


No Land For a Fisherman, 2012. Acrylic Face Mounted Photo Rag.

‘No Land For a Fisherman’ is collection of six photographs, which were taken during my stay in an old fishermen’s settlement.

While living there, I realized that fishing was a profession that did not exist anymore as it once used to. However, I felt that it still continues to survive on another plane of existence: you can still feel the people who partook in it, and lived as parts of the profession itself. The work, then, is intended to be a response to the memory of the profession.

I resolved to create not only a very personal landscape of the fishermen for my work, but also to develop a counter dialogue. For this purpose, I decided to stay in an old fisherman’s home for a few days while he was away. During my stay I ventured to open some of his most personal things, and photograph them. I did not tinker with anything I opened: I photographed everything just as I had found them.

My work is intended to show that while there might be no land for fishermen, they do not really need a land of their own, as fishermen.


Silence from a still , 2012. Inkjet print on Photo Rag.


Basir Mahmood